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Why Choose MedScriptPro?Elevate Your Practice with the Future of Prescribing

Beautiful User Interface

Immerse yourself in a seamless and visually appealing user interface that simplifies prescription management. MedScriptPro offers an intuitive design, making your workflow effortlessly smooth.

Extensive Drug Database

Access a vast and regularly updated drug database, ensuring you have the latest pharmaceutical information at your fingertips. Make informed decisions with confidence.

Free-Hand Text Mode

Unleash your creativity with the option to write prescriptions in freehand text. MedScriptPro empowers you to personalize your prescriptions for a truly patient-centric experience.

Smart Patient History Integration

Efficiency redefined. For returning patients, easily select all relevant options - from case summaries and investigations to drug history and diagnoses - from previous appointments. Streamline your workflow and enhance patient care.

Template Creation

Save time with customizable templates for case summaries, investigations, drug history, and more. Craft templates that match your unique practice requirements, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Favorites List for Quick Access

Never search for common elements again. Save your preferred options - case summaries, investigations, drug history, and more - to a favorites list for quick and efficient access. Elevate your prescription game.

Customizable User Interface

Tailor MedScriptPro to your preferences. Enable or disable specific prescription writing options based on your unique needs. Enjoy a software experience designed around you.

Flexible Prescription Printing Options

Empower yourself with customizable prescription printing options. Enable or disable specific printing elements, ensuring your prescriptions reflect your professional preferences.

Multiple Printing Formats

Choose from a variety of prescription printing formats. MedScriptPro adapts to your preferred style, providing flexibility and convenience in your documentation.

FAQ Some important questions.

MedScriptPro is a comprehensive digital prescription software designed for healthcare professionals. It simplifies and streamlines the prescription process with features like an extensive drug database, free-hand text mode, smart patient history integration, and customizable templates. Our software is designed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and patient care.

Absolutely! MedScriptPro is designed for flexibility and can be accessed on various devices, including desktops, laptops, and tablets. This ensures that you can manage prescriptions efficiently, whether you are at your practice or on the go.

Yes, MedScriptPro supports both English and Bangla in prescriptions, allowing you to cater to a diverse patient base. The app seamlessly integrates these languages, ensuring clear and precise prescriptions for all your patients.

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MedScriptProThe next generation priscribing...

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